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What makes A Clear Choice Plumbing unique and why does it matter?

In any competitive market, you must offer a valuable service that stands out from your competitors.

What do you get from A Clear Choice Plumbing?

We are not big a business and that allows us to operate differently.  We provide a service that we expect from other service providers and know that others desire as well.

Price - Affordability

The price is based on the service provided.  We guarantee our work.  We are not looking at ways of jacking up the price. 

Service - We do more than you expect by providing quality work, excellent service, skilled and trained employees, a clean work area, and quality in every aspect of the job.

Trust – By providing quality service at affordable rates we build trust with our customers.  If a customer is left feeling that he/she got more than they paid for, they share that with their neighbors, friends and coworkers.  Our goal is to leave the customer feeling that they got a fair and affordable deal.

Culture - We ensure that our workers understand the culture of our company.  We build our business on our reputation not on our ability to get unneeded work from the customer.

Charles has been in the plumbing field since 1981 and was a student of the trade under his uncle who owned and operated his own business in New Jersey.  He shared with him the values and principles we hold dear today.  Charles is a Licensed Limited Plumber and fully insured.  Quality plumbing at an affordable price with excellence in customer service is the foundation of our company.

We believe in family values. We appreciate the trust that you put in us.  We treat every customer with respect.  We believe that by providing quality service at a competitive price our customers will help us to grow a successful business.
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