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About Us

Owners Charles and PollyAnne Crowder have built a solid reputation based on quality and trust. They are committed to providing quality service to the community. They believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, the Crowders believe that a good reputation and consistent service will reap bigger profits in the long run. By being trustworthy, the Crowders believe that they will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community.

Charles has been in the plumbing field since 1981 and was a student of the trade under his uncle who owned and operated his own business in New Jersey.  He shared with him the values and principles we hold dear today.  Charles is a Licensed Limited Plumber and fully insured.  Quality plumbing at an affordable price with excellence in customer service is the foundation of our company.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page,  call (865) 292-8755, or e-mail us at aclearchoiceplumbing@hotmail.com

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